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Hubert grew up listening to classical music like Bach and jazz like Miles Davis. As a 7 year old he already mastered the violin and double bass, an instrument also played by his father, who recently joined him on stage.

His electronic music endeavours started around the time he moved to Amsterdam at age 18, and he was overwhelmed by the electronic dance scene. He developed his personal taste and acquired the right production skills and started refining his music into his own characteristic sound, warm symphonies driven by deep energetic rhythms inspired by classical music and fascinated with sounds that change moods instantly. At the age of 20 he received compliments from big artists such as Egbert, Max Cooper, Matador, Microtrauma, Applescal and local hero Olivier Weiter.

His discography is growing with releases on Traum, Parquet (reached Beatport Electronica #100), Subjekt, Open Records, and more to follow this year. Red Bull Studios and SLAMFM had him, he holds a residency at all Amsterdam’s La Reve productions. And Pleinvrees invites him often, including a 2 hour performance at DGTL with personal heroes like Fairmont, Boris Brechja, N’TO, Worakls and Arjuna Schiks.

Bookings: henk[at] 

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