ILLESNOISE, NL - Biography

The first notes play. The energy rises, the room fills with warmth.

Illesnoise is here to take you on a journey through the full scale of emotions. She has packed her bag for you with deep melodic bass-lines, a variety of instruments and a healthy dose of vocals to ensure safe travel.

Illesnoise takes pride in a versatile taste in music, so you’re always in for a surprise. The one characteristic that runs through everything, the thread that holds it all together, is the bass-line. She likes them to be full and out there. ‘Music should not only be heard, you should feel it in-sync with your heartbeat’.

Already well known for her podcast series, which ranges from ultimate feel-good to very mellow sounds, and her extensive DJ schedule throughout the Netherlands, Illesnoise is now honing the craft of music production. Without wanting to give too much away, her maiden release is to drop on Oliver Koletzki’s renowned label Stil vor Talent in early 2015. Let’s start the year with a bang!

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