ILLESNOISE, NL - Biography

Cosmic, Rythmic, Soulful house (or techno) with a subtle touch of Acid.

This is most likely the answer Illesnoise would give when asked to describe her style nowadays. Always exploring and expanding her versatile taste in music, she can easily surprise you with the changing patterns she takes during her sets.

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Illesnoise ‘coming to age’ at Boilerroom

For those only familiar with her laidback dreamy sets in the past might be in for a shock, as Illesnoise shows off a true move of ‘coming to age’ with…

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Illesnoise: confirmed for Melt! Festival

During the weekend of 14 up until 18 July, all eyes are on Ferropolis, Germany. Why? Melt! Festival.  We’re proud to announce Illesnoise will be playing the Sleepless Floor area…

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DGTL announces all 12 stages

At the end of January, DGTL festival announced all 12 stages, spread over 2 days.  Satori and Arjuna Schiks both play live on Saturday. Illesnoise, Patrice Baumel and Tsepo take care of the Sunday!…

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