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Olaf Stuut is the auditory craftsman producing unclassifiable music, taking you on compelling journeys and tonal adventures. Connecting to many influences, his music reflects his fascination and admiration for instruments of all sorts and kinds. He loves telling stories with challenging harmonies, contemporary percussions and deep emotional vibes.

With a tremendous output of magnificent records his music is featured on labels like Traum, Cocoon, Atomnation, Zaubernuss and Manual Music. The list of support being even more impressive: Tha Acid, Max Cooper, Laurent Garnier, Agoria, Minilogue, John Digweed, Joris Voorn, Stimming, Hernan Cattaneo, Dominik Eulberg, Eelke Kleijn, Nuno Dos Santos and Applescal among others. Check his impressive discography for all his EP’s, album and remixes (84+ tracks with his name on it since 2012). His more recent work includes an exhilarating EP on morgen.am as well as one with SQL on Traum. Bit the bigger projects like the remix for Max Cooper’s Woven Anchestry from his latest album Human and two remixes for The Acid’s latest album track RA and RED really stand out. And then there’s his second album making it’s way.

Like most artist he has a musical background in all kinds of electronic funk formations. Playing multiple instruments has now made him the versatile and dedicated producer he is taking inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres like jazz, funk and rock music. Olaf Stuut also does amazing sound designs for video productions and has a tremendous output when his mind state and creative thinking is right. He continuously experiments and changes his way of working to keep challenging him self and renewing his sounds. “Vibe and emotion through sound, carrying the observer through a danceable and dreamy trip” is how his productions are best interpreted.

Olaf is always part of carefully selected programs. Last summer he did a little tour through Canada, while playing some of the bigger festivals in Amsterdam and around. He touches ground in the UK often, just as Paris and Berlin; we are now waiting and ready for the rest of the world to adopt him and his electronic endeavors. 

Bookings: henk[at]wearee.nl

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