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Patrice Bäumel is an internationally renowned Dj and producer currently living in Amsterdam. 2016 feels like the culmination of many years travelling the road, working hard, having fun and spreading love. Patrice is currently busy in the studio creating a musical soundscape, having been selected by the critically acclaimed Balance compilation series to mix the next instalment. With EPs forthcoming on Correspondant and Speicher/Kompakt, plus remixes for Underworld and Steve Reich all coming out before the summer of ’16 it feels like an exciting time.

The next project is an album for Kompakt due for release in October, where Patrice hopes to encapsulate his energy into the long player. As a Dj he continues to grow. A new quarterly residency ‘Midnight Sun’ at the De Marktkantine in Amsterdam is set to start in February with guests Mind Against and Roman Flügel. Tours in the USA & South America for his Balance Mix and visits to many parties around Europe are in the pipeline.

Since graduating from the Red Bull Music Academy in Sao Paolo in 2002 and deciding to turn his hobby into a career, Patrice has been on a mission to create and share music that spreads love, positivity and happiness, works in a peaktime context and most of all connects people with each other.

Patrice was born in the small East German town of Freital, amidst the restrictive political situation of Eastern Bloc communism. With his father working as a music journalist, there was music around the house all the time. From free jazz, Frank Zappa, Nick Cave, Laurie Anderson right through to rock and punk bands like The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols or The Ramones. His father encouraged him to find his own musical path, which led him to childhood obsessions with Depeche Mode and The Cure, the bands whose melancholic nature still are at the root of Patrice’s sound today.

In 1996 Pat moved to Amsterdam, an exciting and vibrant city full of optimism and diversity, without the tension and economic crisis that he left back home. Dabbling in Djing and production Patrice was on a new journey into the life he now knows.  He found his way to Club 11 where he became a resident. From there he naturally migrated with the same team to Trouw, his nights ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Hifi’ becoming favourites at the legendary venue.

Bäumel infuses his productions and DJ sets with an infectious energy and a sense of adventure, creating a sound that satisfies the mind as well as the body. He calls it ‘techno music for grown-ups’. Trademark productions like ‘Roar’, ‘Mike Tyson’ or ‘Mile High Gang’ and remixes like his rework of BLOND:ISH’s ‘Endless Games’ are perfect examples of that philosophy.

The buzz around him is growing. Bäumel’s future is looking bright.

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