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Cats have their own taste of medicines. But like catnip, some plants induce other effects. Could something deeper be happening?

Exploring dimensions far beyond just our own, Trippin Jaguar’s definition of reality is constantly called into question. Musical dreams and psychedelic themes, they are his to conjure, connected through waves of energy and narrative and most importantly: free of earthly boundaries as time, strict cadences and BPM.
Instead, the Jaguar explores dualities: biological and technological, spiritual and scientific, modern and ancient. Translating stories from behind the facade of words and sentences into auditory anecdotes, built of cosmic synths, contemporary beats and kaleidoscopic sounds. For those who are willing, this cat will invoke visions of a trip across different musical planes into the deepest antipodes of the mind: from the highest mountains to the deepest jungles.

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Olaf Stuut delivers 3 remixes and a new mix for Montreal

Deep House Amsterdam premiered Olaf’s remix of Budakid & Formel on Sasha‘s Last Night on Earth, find the feature here. And watch Olaf perform the track in a DJ set…

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Serafin Audio and CopyCow added to Trippin Jaguar’s resume

Trippin Jaguar smashing things at Wildeburg Festival 2017 It was in the days when Dr. Copycow was teaching the Law of the Jungle. The big, serious, old brown cow was…

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Trippin Jaguar releases new trips on Amselcom

[Amselcom] is a Berlin based record label and global creative network. Their appreciation of art and the desire to share it, is built on by connecting forward-thinking ideas and continuously…

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