New Signing: Be Svendsen, DK

We are delighted to announce that the talented Be Svendsen joined us for his Worldwide bookings.
Be Svendsen aka Lasse Bruhn Svendsen produces an organic, melodic and nomadic style of groovy techno, which paints tonal stories that invoke the primal parts of your feral imagination.
Touring through Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa, performing at festivals such as BOOM, Fusion, Burning Man, Symbiosis, Rainbow Serpent and AfrikaBurn, the world quickly awoke to his enchanting vibrations.

This year couldn’t start any better, with shows literally around the world and releasing a remix on Crosstown Rebels, it’s a sure shot Be Svendsen is going to make an impact in 2017.

Enjoy his recording from last years Burning Man below.


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