Serafin Audio and CopyCow added to Trippin Jaguar’s resume

Trippin Jaguar smashing things at Wildeburg Festival 2017

It was in the days when Dr. Copycow was teaching the Law of the Jungle. The big, serious, old brown cow was delighted to have so quick a pupil, for the young calves will only learn as much as applies to their own pack and tribe, and run away as soon as they can repeat the Hunting Verse: ‘Feet that make no noise; eyes that can see in the dark; ears that can hear the winds in their lairs, and sharp white teeth, all these things are the marks of our brothers and sisters.

A nice introduction to the Samosa track by Trippin Jaguar ft Small Solar System Body that saw light on the CopyCow Cowpilation.

Following the Cowpilation, Trippin Jaguar put together a CopyCast aka Tripcast inviting you to close your eyes and let your ears experience this solely.

Another release finally out is the EP for Serafin Audio Imprint with a magical remix by Olaf Stuut. Bespoke Musik from New York premiered the title track Quagmire while Trndmsk had the remix by Olaf Stuut. They also enquired the Jaguar about his inspiration for the music and how everything came together in his mind and studio. Find the interview on here and listen to the full EP here

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