Spotlight On: Patrice Baumel

STARTERS ————————————–

We can wake you up for?
Going on holiday. Always up for that.

5 things you can’t leave the house without?
My dog, keys, museum card, credit card, drivers license.

Things you like to do besides making music?
Run, surf, read, paint, be lazy and watch movies, see some art.

Favourite food and restaurant:
Clean asian food with lots of raw ingredients – thai, japanese, vietnamese. Favourite restaurant: Giro Giro in Kyoto. In Amsterdam: Toscanini.

Movie and Director:
Movie: Tree of Life. Director: Lars von Trier.

Favourite book and motto:
Book: Michel Houellebecq – Atomised

BACKGROUND ——————————————————————————————-

When did you first get in contact with house/techno?
1993. The first time dancing wasn’t about girls but music. It changed everything.

What music did your parents listen to?
Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Coltrane, Hüsker Dü, Velvet Underground, Devo, Cabaret Voltaire, Captain Beefheart and about a million other things. My dad’s a music journalist.

What music did you grew up with?
Mostly Depeche Mode and The Cure, but I had my Modern Talking phase when I was around 9. Once puberty hit also a lot of trashy dance, like Capella, Dr. Alban or Snap.

Whats your first song related memory?
I grew up in East Germany and one of the highlights of the year was when our West German relatives would send us Christmas presents – big yellow packages stuffed with chocolate, coffee, second hand clothes and records. I remember my dad going crazy to some wild Zappa tune while I was munching away on Duplo bars.

What was the first record that you bought?
Paul Young – Greatest Hits. Didn’t even like it that much.

What famous artist did you fancy when you were young?
Fancy in a crush kind of way? Probably french actrice Sophie Marceau.

Any guilty pleasures?
I like Dido, Natalie Imbruglia and Adele. I can really enjoy great voices combined with superb song writing. Especially those intimate, sparsely produced songs.

INFLUENCES ——————————————————————————————-

What music do you listen when you wake up?
The sound of silence. I get a lot of musical ideas when I’m asleep and want to hold on to them until I hit the studio, that’s why I never listen to music in the morning.

What do you listen to when you are on the bike or on your car?
Lots of talk radio. Quality mixes, like Nicolas Jaar’s Essential Mix or bands that really creep under your skin, like Wild Beasts or Orcas. Monocle magazine has a great talk podcast series. Also some self-improvement podcasts, like Brian Tracy or Tony Robbins.

Whats your favourite song at the moment?
Roberto Rodriguez – Mustat Varjot.  Weatherall dropped it during ADE at Trouw. Pure love.

Whats your favourite album and artist at the moment?
Orcas – Orcas. I put it on and it feels as if everything that’s cheap, wrong and annoying is disappearing from my view and life is good.

Whats your favourite album and artist ever?
Artist: Depeche Mode until their Exciter album.
Album: Tie between Björk – Vespertine, Sufjan Stevens – Illinois and Depeche Mode – Violator.

Whats your favourite DJ/Producer?
DJ: Flying Lotus, although it’s kind of a DJ/Liveset hybrid
Producer: Quincy Jones. So complex, rich-sounding and loose.

PLAYING THE MUSIC ——————————————————————

Whats your favourite (online) store?
Spotify. That’s a landslide victory.

Whats your favourite label?
Kompakt, for delivering consistent quality over more than a decade and still growing.

Whats your favourite music software?
Ableton Live. So flexible, fun and unlimited in its potential.

Whats your favourite music hardware?
My Shure SM58 mic. Dirt cheap and super versatile. I also really love my AKG K701 studio headphones. My SL1210 deserves an award, too. 15 years of heavy use, no repairs. They don’t make stuff this good anymore. In the synth department, I really like Roland SH101 and Oberheim Xpander. Dream piece of equipment: Studer 963 mixing console.

Whats your dream line up for a party to play? You can name anything!
Warm summer day, big open air festival in a huge grass field by a lake. No sponsorship logos, no fences, just friendly faces. I would like to start playing at noon and play a 6 hour back to back set with Nuno Dos Santos starting with ambient, dub and taking things from there. 6-7pm Fink live. After that a 2 hour dj set by Dixon. Then back to back concerts of Sigur Ros and Björk until midnight. Then Flying Lotus until 1:00am, followed by Isolee live until 2am and Autechre live until 3:00am. Then Laurent Garnier dj set until 6am, playing NO classics, drum and bass or dubstep, just amazing, obscure techno. Then a Michael Mayer sunrise set until 8am. Last set would be Nicolas Jaar live until 10am.

 What’s your favourite party/festival and why?
January 1st at Trouw. New Years Eve is usually disappointing in most places as the parties are invaded with unfamiliar faces from out of town and there just isn’t any group chemistry. January 1st  is when all the dj’s and night owls are done working and get together to celebrate the new year. Feels intimate and positive.

What was your first big party?
Mayday at Halle Weissensee in Berlin 1993. Unforgettable. I was leaning against the speakers for hours, soaking in the energy. The tinnitus never left me after that night.

 Whats your first memorable gig?
My very first gig. Shaky hands, trembling knees, empty dancefloor in same warehouse at 8am in the morning, playing all of my 10 records, badly. Good times!

 Any good backstage stories you can share?
I get asked this a lot. Backstage is a place for people too tired to party and too cheap to buy their own drinks.

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