Unders & Satori: Syria release hits top charts & donate sales

Unders is on the roll! His latest ‘Syria’ EP including a Satori remix hit the charts at Beatport, supported by Acid Pauli, Damian Lazarus, Yokoo, Maya Jane Coles, Nico Stojan, Be Svendsen, Blond:ish & more!

Since two weeks the original Syria track is charted as #1 in the top 100 releases, #2 in the chill out top 100 and as a bonus #16 in overall top 100 releases. To top it all of, Satori’s remix is charted #1 the chill out top 100 charts.

Sol*Selectas, Unders, and Satori are donating 100% of sales for “Syria” on Bandcamp to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), who have helped to reach more than 3.3 million people with critical support in the Syria region since the IRC’s Syrian effort began in 2012.


If you wish to donate more than the minimum, you may simply choose to pay more for the music, or donate directly on their site: https://engage.rescue.org/donate/syria

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