Album presentation Satori – In Between Worlds 

Prior to the ‘Next Monday’s Hangover’ event this night, Satori will present his brand new album ‘In Between Worlds’ to a privileged group of friends, family and fans. As we should belief the reviews “Satori understands to inspire any kind of music lover by taking the listener on a spiritual journey and explore with him his infinite variety of sounds.” You can read the full review here.

With ‘In Between Worlds’, the long player mirrors his Serbian & South-African roots the 30 years old Dutchman grew up with. With beautiful melancholy Satori creates a story about life and the love between worlds & cultures. Satori ́s music is a riveting collage of Electronica Lounge Pop, African jazz, Hip Hop and World Music. A homage to the Beauty of Life.

In Between Worlds will be released on March 6 by Underyourskin Records.

01 The Greatest Against The World
02 The Wishing Spell (ft. Horrevorts)
03 Pink & Orange Sky (ft. Miou Amadée)
04 Compulair (ft. OAK)
05 Kalima – Tuti (ft. Satori)
06 Bad Looking Trouble (ft. Horrevorts)
07 Wasted (ft. Hugo Oak)
08 We Don´t Exist
09 Days Without You (ft. Miou Amadée)
10 Ehsan


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