Arjuna Schiks – Dansen Fransen EP feat Einmusik

Clap your hands and move your ass. Wintertime isn’t made for being lazy.  The sun comes out again with our new release from the dutch hippie child Arjuna Schiks. “Dansen Fransen” is the name and the first track on the EP. We are sure, this warm and beautiful song reminds you of the summer. A slinky bassline, peaceful melodies and a funky attitude make you smile and dance.

Next to the leader, you’ll find “Quatre” on the EP. Without a doubt, this track takes you direct to the floor with a big package of pumping elements and euphoria. Let’s go further with “Beege” and welcome Einmusik. Our label boss went to the studio with Arjuna and they did a rolling song with an unstoppable groove and big extensively moments. The track is mysterious and the distant vocals are bringing it to a special, haunting point. And than “Frozen” comes in, with tight claps and a brassy bassline. The synths are creeping into and a big floor melody hits the moment. Cold but gently, Arjuna Schiks finishes the Ep with an epic track, which has you locked in seconds.

Artist: Arjuna Schiks feat. Einmusik
Title: Dansen Fransen EP
Cat.: einmusika023
Label: Einmusika Recordings
Format: Vinyl / Wav / MP3
Release Date: Dec 20th, 2013

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