Applescal - Biography

Applescal is one of Amsterdam’s more regarded DJs, as well as a producer, remixer and head / co-founder of the record label Atomnation. Terstappen is not limited by playing music just in his hometown, he regularly appears in leading venues and festivals all over Europe. People who have seen him play know Applescal as a diverse selector who takes his crowd on a journey with a mix of Techno, House and Disco.

Terstappen released records, remixes and bootlegs as Applescal since 2007. His disclosure though, was in 2012 when co-founding the label Atomnation – a company he runs on a day to day basis until this very moment. His energy has been focussed on working closely with the artists he signed to the label, as also with the people involved in the background of the operation.

As a producer, Terstappen’s highlights are tracks such as Harmony Two, Isomethyl and Morpheus, his aliases Yoshiba 87 / Deltawerk and the full-length album Dreaming In Key, which could be seen as a perfect entry point to Applescal and the compelling Atomnation universe that he has cultivated over the past years.

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