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*Based in Amsterdam

In the thriving house and techno scene, there is a modest guy from Amsterdam earning his respect. Bas Dobbelaer has been steadily working away on a characteristic sound, which is now definitely paying off. Places like De Marktkantine and big events like Straf_werk and Buiten Westen are already checked off this selector’s list.

Bas sets out to find a special sentiment in his sets that fits the moment. Be it opening the night, slowly letting the wall soak up a special energy for the night to come, or peaking at prime time, he’s got a clear vision how to approach it. At every moment he tries to capture his audience into a musical journey trying to tell a story within the records, the longer the journey takes the better. Searching for new elements, discovering uncharted territories and switching between different energies throughout the night are all key in Bas’ DJ sets. From broken beats and odd time signatures all the way to trippier dance floor belters, but everything within his well thought out collection is described by himself as ‘rhythmic and atmospheric’.

The Dobbelaer is quite busy crafting his own musical identity, combining a wealth of inspirations and adding his own flavors to come up with something unique. His productions will see the light of day sooner than later; and if you’re lucky you might already catch some sneak-previews during one of his expansive sets. Keep an eye out for this talented guy!

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