Gab Rhome - Biography

*Based in Montreal

Gab Rhome has an innate sense of rhythm, emotion, and groove. Both as a producer and DJ, the Montreal artist sparks an unavoidable connection with the soul, while conveying exceptional personal style and a sense of fun. Since launching in 2013, the 28 year old’s career has taken off, with releases on All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, Last Night On Earth, Kindisch and more, with gigs including Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Nocturnal Wonderland Festival (US), showcases for Anjunadeep and All Day I Dream, Heart Ibiza, and Abracadabra (Scorpios Mykonos). His EP ‘La Maison’ (Sol Selectas) kicked off 2019 with its NYE release and has spent months in the Deep House Top 5.

Rhome is selective in researching his music for live sets, which is percussion-centric, dreamy deep house, often with an African, Cuban or Brazilian influence, and always with a hook to snare the listener. His eclectic musical background echoes the dual culture of being French- Canadian. He embraces this element of his persona to the extent of splitting each year between living in Paris and Montreal, further inspiring his creativity. He values quality, discipline and hard work as he strives to extend his musical range and skill. Gab loves how music can amplify reality, make the world more intense and beautiful for others.

Stunning releases on world class labels have already come thick and fast in Gab’s nascent career. In five years, he’s graced All Day I Dream twice with ‘Farewell at the Gates of Dawn’ and most recently ‘Reveries Ephemeres’, which included one of last year’s most iconic tracks ‘Do Not Grill Inside’. He’s joined the ranks at Anjunadeep with ‘Ceremonie De Adieux’ and ‘Drifting’; Last Night On Earth with ‘Deuce’ and Kindisch with ‘Jeunesse Doree’ and ‘Volleyball in Space’.

His DJ career began in a small hometown venue, where the Piknic Electronik booker saw, liked and signed him up for his second gig; a flying start, having already released on Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts label in 2013. From there, his focus has been divided between the studio, and playing away from home worldwide.

His ambitions as a boy were fired by visiting crooner Charles Azanavour’s popularity with women, and Alexander the Great’s world-conquering success: his parents introduced him to music from the Beach Boys to Pink Floyd, from old kitsch French records to punk, always as a communal sharing experience. From there, via Kraut Rock, to Four Tet and James Holden, with inspiration from textured music by the likes of Border Community, Slowdive and Ride, but also influenced by South American music, jazz – for its technical elements for rhythmic sections – and classical, for the complexity of its note-patterns.

His sensual approach to life and music includes all the arts – literature and poetry, textiles and fashion, visual art especially surrealism and impressionism, and cooking, for which he sources spices and flavourings on his DJ travels. For the future, Gab Rhome seeks to progress globally, maintaining artistic credibility alongside dancefloor-heating powers. With his talent and intense working methods, it’s unlikely that he will run out of worlds to conquer.

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