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There’s a name buzzing around Amsterdam. In fact, it buzzed so furiously the Panoramabar in Berlin took note and booked them for one of their first shows. Cue a domino effect of press, bookings and word-of-mouth praise: Lövestad is something you can’t miss. Groovy futuristic disco and emotional electronica straight from a big set of drum machines and synths mastered live by two dudes. Their infectious energy stands as a testament that the funk is still alive and kicking in contemporary electronic music. So far, Lövestad performed in leading clubs and festivals in and outside of Amsterdam like Georgie’s Wundergarten, Thuishaven, Loveland, Into The Woods Festival and Panoramabar.

Their hunger to surprise and interact with the crowd has shaken many dance floors into ecstasy, of which video evidence can be found on their youtube channel as well as on their facebook page. Their musical performance is only half the experience when played back on soundcloud, as their performance takes it to the next level. In their home studio, the boys keep jamming and developing their ever evolving live-set as well as working out the perfect jams – for it’s about time they release some of that magic into the world.

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More info & bookings: peter[at]wearee.nl

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