Marc Holstege - Biography

*based in Amsterdam

Marc is driven by the idea that “certain emotions can be translated into a sound which then subsequently triggers different emotions for those that open up to it. There is only one chance to truly express what is locked up inside you – to do this you must unlock your creative unconscious and take the stand, share your feelings instead of leaving them to yourself.”

These are the thoughts and words Marc uses to describe his feelings and approach to music while showcasing how he would like to put his music out into the world. From a young age, before discovering electronic music, he was already having a connection to sound in different ways compared to most people – having a feel for rhythm and music composition, which he now translates into electronic music.

Marc has shown his musical diversity and different approach to melodic music with his recent hits “Bisou” and “Mangata”, both on Oliver Koletzki’s hot Stil vor Talent record label, as well as his latest remix for Yeah But No’s “Leave The Dark” on Sinnbus.

With a strong work ethic and a very distinctive vision on his musical course, Marc wants to share his musical philosophy with his audience both now and in the future.

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