Sorä - Biography

*Based in Paris

Sorä’s music originates in many places. The Parisian’s signature sound is loaded with powerful grooves, progressive melodies and traditions from around the world. 

Inspired by his oriental and Balkan roots, Sorä has developed a passion for discovering sounds from around the globe. His music takes inspiration from poets, musicians and everyday people wherever he meets them, fusing whatever their history has brought to them into his projects. Whether it is an Indian chieftain’s speech, or a middle eastern poem, for Sorä, there is music in everything. As he always says:  “music has neither colour nor religion, it’s there to be listened, appreciated and shared… So let the magic unfold!”

As a founding member of nightlife institute Horde Paris he has had a big impact on the city’s nightlife since 2011. Since then he has caught the eye of the world as resident of Satori’s Maktub nights and with shows at Gardens of Babylon, Zero NY, Boneca, SOUQ and more.

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