Britta Arnold and Unders’ New Record Label

Britta Arnold and Unders have big plans for 2018 as they are set to begin the year launching their new record label, Happy Camper Records, on Friday, January 19.

The central theme of their label is the fact that DJs are essentially nomadic people. Drifting from place to place, always on the move, traveling and looking for new music and clubbing events, almost as if they don’t have a home-base. They are the Bohemians of the 21st Century, or as Britta Arnold, Unders, and Noraj Cue would call them: Happy Campers.

Their maiden release on their brand new imprint is schedule for Friday, January 19, and consists of a single by Noraj Cue, “Story at the Campfire”, accompanied by 3 remixes by Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder, Be Svendsen, and LetKolben, all close friends of the Happy Camper crew.

Recently, Noraj Cue and Mike Ravelli performed a 2 hour Happy Camper Records mix for Radio Nachtlab, which you can listen to below:



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