Chymera new Cocoon EP, collaboration with Aril Brikha and Balance podcast

Chymera releases Episode EP on the esteemed Cocoon Recordings, released a collaboration with Aril Brikha on Connaisseur Recordings and made a Balance podcast 

Irishman Brendan Gregory aka Chymera has become an integral part of the international club scene. Like his mentor and friend Funk D’Void or like his fellow Cocoon Recordings colleague Tim Green, Chymera appears to one of the few artists who can be assigned to a very own and recognizable sound.

In “Episode” the great arpeggio bass-/synthline and the overall arrangement beams us back to the high days of Detroit techno. This is soulful and epic and it triggers just the right senses, it takes us on a journey. “7 Hours” appears like a stripped down dub version of „Episode” and in bonus track “Rust” Chymera looks into the house corner and presents a nice counterpart to „Episode“.

In celebration of their 10 year anniversary, Connaisseur Recordings have asked some of the artists who have released music on the label over the years to collaborate. Some of the chosen couples had already worked together, others had not. As a result, there are now six collaborations, one of which is the timeless Detroit-infuenced techno-guardian sound by Aril Brikha and Chymera in the form of Nihari.

Chymera delivers a new mix for Balance in the form of a 60 minutes deep techno excursion set which is hypnotic and full of depth.

“I had initially intended to cover some different ground but the tracks that meshed here told their own story. It’s quite a  hypnotic mix of house and techno, the mixing style for this one lent itself more to very smooth blends. I’m very pleased with all the tracks and artists which appear here. My absolute favourites would be the Gilbr Remix of Len Leise which opens, Sebastian Mullaert’s superb remix of Moosfiebr, Shatrax’s remix of Trevino, Deniro putting in a very sterac-esque effort on Penal Colony and the closing remix of Moderat by Shed, which has such a perfect end of the night vibe for me.”



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