Gidge Live | Tundra Album Tour | VULKAN ARENA, OSLO

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Vulkan Arena, Vulkan 26, 0178 Oslo, Norway, Oslo

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Gidge, the electronic music duo renowned for their ethereal electronic soundscapes, embarks on a captivating journey with their latest EP, “Tundra.” Following the success of their haunting single ‘Bleak’, their ‘New Light’ LP, and a series of sold-out shows across major European cities, Gidge returns to Atomnation with five mesmerizing tracks that showcase their signature melancholic sound. From the heart-wrenching chords of ‘Gausta’ to the eerie fusion of deep house and electronica in ‘The Fells,’ the EP delves into a bittersweet musical landscape that resonates with a sense of cautious hope.

As they prepare to enchant audiences once again, Gidge announces their upcoming tour dates, promising unforgettable performances at renowned venues such as Vega in Copenhagen, KOKO in London, and Kesselhaus in Berlin. With each venue set to be transformed into a sonic haven, fans can anticipate an immersive experience that captures the essence of ‘Tundra’ and reaffirms Gidge’s position as masters of emotive electronic music.