Oceanvs Orientalis | Portrait of the Obscure Album Tour | Watergate, BERLIN

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Watergate, Berlin

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“Portrait of the Obscure” is the dynamic and eclectic new album from Oceanvs Orientalis, set to release in Spring 2024 under the prestigious Crosstown Rebels label. Breaking boundaries, this multi-genre masterpiece fuses downtempo, house, afro house, drum’n bass, and electronic folk music to create an audacious dance-inducing auditory experience. Showcasing the artist’s evolution, the album embodies a unique sonic exploration of ‘sonder’, underscoring the rich diversity and interconnectedness of our stories.

The album’s flagship singles, ‘Heart Pieces’ and ‘Neurality’, represent the range and depth of the musical journey that awaits. The experience expands beyond the music, with a groundbreaking Al-driven generative visual show accompanying a world tour.