Satori presents Maktub Dreamin’ Colour | Hangar 11, Tel Aviv

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Hangar 11, Tel Aviv

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Satori, one of the most esteemed, talented, successful musicians in the world comes with his super project Maktub for the first time to Tel Aviv, for the first time to us.

We were born in a chaotic era, we are all looking for our own space.
A space that exists beyond the ideas of what is right and what is not.
A space where we can dedicate ourselves, and find ourselves. Satori is the one who helps us find the way…

Satori has been inspired to produce electronic world music, where he combines endless combinations of house, seductive trance and earth tones that change consciousness. It is not defined by one genre. Satori is here to provide every music lover with a meditative movement by creating a spiritual journey through his infinite sound strain.

An emotional development that produces new dimensions of his musical world, where movement, dreaming and creativity are endless. Let the sound live in the heart, it will pick up every last memory of dance and rhythm. Satori’s sound is more than just a switch on a soundboard; He is the man behind the instrument, creating melodies from piano, choir, kalimba and guitar combined with a deeper form of electronic music.

Whenever you are ready Satori will take you to a place you can only dream of.