Edu Imbernon Releases and Remixes

There’s no denying it, Producer and DJ, Edu Imbernon is bouncing around from location to location like hot fire! This year he’s mapped the globe touring in the USA, Canada, South America, Asia, all over Europe, and has a special home for his music in Ibiza and Valencia, Spain. While Edu’s not busy performing, he’s been working diligently on his latest concept, Fayer Label. This new brand combines the better of two worlds of Indie and Electronica music intertwined with a blend of House and Techno!

Having successfully run the Eklektisch label for the past four years, including over 20 releases and even snagging the #1 Beatport rating on their second release, Edu is ready to gear his focus towards Fayer by offering more musical diversity than before. Fayer sprang to life in August of this year with its debut release featuring Qtier’s gripping track,“Set Me On.” Alongside the Set Me On release, it was remixed in 3 versions by Edu, David August and Bambook. The future for Fayer will grace the musical likes of Metronomy, WhoMadeWho, Agoria, Gardens of God, and The Hacker; all the while holding events in Spain, UK, Netherlands, and undoubtedly more in its path!

During 2014 Edu’s released many noteworthy tracks and remixes, including “Dalt” on his Eklektisch label, which was remixed by John Tejada, as well as his “Fading Dawn” EP on Culprit label. The EP includes two tracks, “Fade It All Out” and “At Dawn.” Following the releases Edu visually supported his sound by releasing videos for “Dalt” and “Fade It All Out.”

Earlier this summer Edu made a special Suara mix for “Your Rules ft. Sutja Gutierrez,” followed by the ever fierce unleash of “Brutus,” a collaboration with Los Suruba through Suara Label, which was instantly craved by all who hit play. As a result, when Brutus dropped it ranked in the Techno Top 20 on Beatport! With all the hype around Brutus’s success, and of course all of Edu’s productions, Amsterdamers were excited for his Amsterdam Dance Event performance where he played the Verknipt night, alongside Joris Voorn, Coyo, AFFKT, and many more great artists. Needless, to say we are all eager for his return. Hear the latest remix for Metronomy’s “I’m Aquarius” now and keep your eyes and ears acute as Edu will soon drop a remix for WhoMadeWho on Fayer label soon!


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