Florinsz Janvier’s new work on morgen.am went live in Canvas

After hiding in his studio for months, producing all kinds of music from soundscapes to ongoing jams, Florinsz finally surfaced with his musical testament to better times, friends abroad and loves lost. There are lots of story lines to be discovered in the different pieces, reflecting all kinds of wondering, physical and spiritual. Three different tracks for three different parts of the night.

The interpretation SHMLSS gave to Violets & Yellows shows how they tapped in to Florinsz story and made it their own by stretching the colours into an everlasting cosmic disco painting, with acid lines eventually taking over. From the talented Stijn Sadée comes an edit of Massachusetts Ave which starts off easy, but is soon enriched with old school claps, classic synths and after two minutes introduces the magical marimba, one Stijn actually made himself out of an old guitar and rake. Listen to the full EP released on morgen.am here:

The whole release was well supported and celebrated in a full and much improved Canvas on the 7th floor of het Volkshotel. Some dark and shaky footage surfaced later on:


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