Besides his Music Holger Hecler is also the CEO of WCTAG Hilft an NGO from Hamburg, Germany.
Since 10 years they support educational projects for children in the world. Their main project is Ilha das Crianças (ISLAND OF THE CHILDREN) a school for poor children based in the northeast of Brazil near Salvador de Bahia. It’s one of the most beautiful but also poorest areas of Brazil and people live in critical conditions.
Since the virus has reached Brazil as well, the situation of the poor has worsened. Shops, restaurants, public and private offices and almost everything else is closed and leaves the people without any possibility to earn money and put food on the table. As a charity working since 10 years in the region the organisation started to distribute food baskets to the poorest families. Each basket contains basic food and hygiene supplies. Since many of them cannot read nor write, they also add information charts about the virus and how to protect themselves and others to the delivery.So far they are able to support 50 Families, but many more need the help as well.

The fundraiser I aims to raise enough money to support and help more families in the region over the next months.

DONATION LINK: t2m.io/foodforbrazil

Link to the video recording : https://www.mbr.family/radio-past-future/mbr-presents-holger-hecler-11apr-p2hjn


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