Jennifer Cardini Releases Mixes for Boiler Room, Beats in Space, and XLR8R

Jennifer Cardini has had a busy summer on top of all of the touring. She has recorded and released three different specially curated mixes, including one for the global online music broadcasting platform Boiler Room, which you can see below.

The Correspondant label founder and owner then went on to record a mix with good friend Job Jobse on the popular New York City radio show, Beats in Space, featuring an eclectic mix of music from labels such as Corresondant, Dekmantel, Nous’klaer, and many more. Take a listen below!

For the cherry on top, Jennifer also created a mix for the online website and music magazine XLR8R for which she also provided an interview, where she expressed the particular mood she wanted to convey with the mix, stating that she wanted “a good mixture of home listening and music to dance to…It’s always hard for me to deliver a podcast, so many tracks I love and only such little time”. Take a listen to her mix for XLR8R below!

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