In response to the COVID -19 crisis the United Independent Music Agencies set up the campaign Liefdevoormuzieknu // For the love of music.

With this campaign we want to make it clear to the Netherlands and our government that we, as a live music / events sector, are important and that it matters that we, as a sector, will still be there.

Liefde Voor Muziek –
In recent years we were used to spending our free time in squares and on festival grounds; in music venues and cafes. There was always live music there. To add luster to the summer soundtrack. To party, seek comfort or discover new musical talent.

Due to the corona crisis, live music died out as unexpectedly as abruptly on March 12 this year. The live music industry is one of the last branches to get going again this year. As a result, many artists, healthy companies and self-employed people no longer have any turnover or income. Tens of thousands of jobs and an enormous amount of know-how are in danger of being lost. An economic catastrophe.

The Netherlands has great musicians. Nationally and internationally successful stars in pop, rock, dance, classical and jazz. These can occur thanks to a large ecosystem of 150,000 professionals. After all, live music consists not only of the artist on stage, but of an associated chain of, among other things, booking agencies; event organizers; backliners; (tour) managers; programmers; music venues and festivals; sound and light technicians; hall managers, stage builders; caterers; security guards; merchandisers; (tent and bus) landlords; marketers; promotion and media specialists; photographers; music media; retailers and record company employees. Together they make an essential contribution to the economy and the well-being of the country.

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