Miss Melera Interviewed by Electronic Groove

Our very own Miss Melera, real name Kim de Lange, recently sat down with Electronic Groove, an electronic music news and promotion platform, to give a nice in depth interview about her music and plans for 2018.

She first explains how she got into music in the first place, with it all beginning on a trip to Italy where she met a friend who introduced her to trance music. This in turn convinced her to buy her own pair of turntables and from then on she started collecting vinyl.

She then talks about collaborations she has worked on, explaining a story where she was included in a jam session, personally her first time doing one, with Eelke Kleijn, Olivier Weiter, and Anjuna Schiks. The jam session resulted in 2 things, a great inspiration to Kim and the track “Before.Now.After” which was released in 2015.

The interview then moves on to her explaining her particular style of DJing, what genres she plays and how older classic tracks are implemented in her sets. She goes on to explain that she doesnt really have a particular way to prepare for her sets. She stays on her toes because you must lay music according to the specific situation your in, and circumstances can change very quickly. The only particular ritual she may have is arriving at the venue, feeling the atmosphere, and preparing from there.

The conversation then shifts to clubs and festivals and their influence on the current music market whether or not there may be an over-saturation of festivals. Kim gives her opinion stating “with so many festivals, there are also so many great ones to expand your horizon! I think both clubs and festivals contribute to the whole discovery and appreciation of electronic music. Nowadays you can discover it all in a much wider spectrum”.

The interview ends with Miss Melera’s remaining plans for 2017 and what she has in store for 2018. She will be finishing off 2017 with her own specially curated “Colourizon” event at De Marktkantine in Amsterdam, featuring a Gui Boratto, playing at Einmusika’s Showcase at Hive in Zurich, Switzerland, and then playing B2B with Olivier Weiter for NYE at Loveland in Amsterdam. She then kicks off 2018 with a performance at Thuishaven in Amsterdam on January 1st, then is off on her Asia / Australia tour where Rainbow Serpent Festival in Victoria, Australia is a focal point for her.

Oh, and she plans to produce and have some good releases in 2018. It will certainly be an extremely busy end and start to 2017 and 2018, respectively, for Miss Melera!

If you would like to check out the interview in it’s entirety, click here!

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