Nathan Surreals ‘Stardust’ EP [Biological Records]

The sound of people was all around. The traffic lights flickered from red to green and the masses charged between pavements like a great herd. The sound of horns and sirens bounced excitedly between the towering heights of skyscrapers and the dim grey sky shone fuzzily above. This was human music, the sound of a city and the noise of a far gone land. Somewhere the grass was greener and the air did not hang so heavy like smog laden dew but it was not this place.

Nathan Surreal makes his first appearance on Biologic Records as he delivers two tracks of high energy house music. The EP is concluded by the appearance of two remixes from Neville Watson and Adesse Versions.

Nathan Surreal – Star Dust

Nathan Surreal – Star Dust (Adesse Versions Remix)




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