New Artist, Tsepo

We Are E is proud to introduce a newly signed artist, Tsepo. His Dutch name is Jan van der Lugt, however his pseudo DJ name “Tsepo” sparks intrigue from it’s true meaning in South African, meaning “hope.” Hope is definitely something that Tsepo is never without, he’s an artist with a vision to stand alongside some of the greatest artists that the European ‘house’ scene demonstrates. He has captured the underground scene through his presence at Club Trouw, and after opening for many legendary acts such as Laurant Garnier and Michael Mayer he has moved forward towards many festival performances. Tsepo will be performing at Welcome to the Future, A Day at the Park, Gaasperpleasure, Nomads and Strafwerk Festival.

Read all about Tsepo’s interview with”Welcome to the Future” here:

Hear his Strafwerkpodcast for Deephouse Amsterdam:


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