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Darko Esser, more recently known under his artistically freed alter ego Tripeo, has captured attention from international blogs and magazines throughout the summer, following his self-released album ‘Anipintiros’ which was released in April through his own Tripeo label. Since his album release Tripeo has been featured in DJ MagClub Life MagazineDJ Broadcast and has received enthusiastic reviews from many more! The ‘Anipintiros #4’ music video can be seen over youtube, where artistic freedom meets no end as the track tells a story of human connection to sound. Any of his followers will agree that Tripeo’s music is undeniably made for the dance floor, where his dynamic and captivating sets drive crowds into a deep frenzy!

Tripeo recently released two remixes from two tracks on Exium‘s album through Pole Group Record Label, along with Oscar Mulero, Silent Servant and Jonas Kopp. Many DJ’s following the release had great reviews for Exium—Followers such as Ben Klock said,“Very nice package. Oscar and Tripeo are my favs here. Thanks!”

Tommy Four Seven— All killer mixes but the Tripeo’s remix really jumped out! Big stuff!” 

Dustin Zahn— “Nice remix package. There’s something here for everyone. In my case, I prefer the OM remix and the Tripeo digital as they’re a bit deeper which is where my head is at this moment. Thanks!”

Steve Rachmad—“Some cool mixes here. Especially Tripeo’s Dronid version is really cool!”

Vince Watson— “6 great remixes here…Both Tripeo’s and Kopp’s remix are my 3 picks this time….Superb.”

DVS1— “Nice remixes in here for sure!!”

Alongside this remix, Tripeo’s vinyl only remixes for I/Y on Fracture and Rustic Soul (Alan Fitzpatrick) are available in shops worldwide! Preen your ears for more of that deep, hypnotic sound as September 1st two mixes for Radial’s album (one from Tripeo, and the other released as Darko Esser) will be made available.

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