new signing: FOUK (Heist, Razor ‘n Tape)

We are happy to announce a new signing to our roster! Welcome Fouk (Heist, Razor ‘n Tape).

For Daniel Leseman & Junktion (Hans Peeman), successful producers on their own merits and friends since childhood, a collaboration was inevitable. The success of it of course never is, but their house sound infused with disco and a lot funk has been proven to be very infectious.

After the infamous Detroit Swindle signed them to their Heist imprint and released the “Kill Frenzy” EP their name was firmly established to a quick-growing broader audience. Resulting in request for Dj-sets across Europe & the America’s, with personals highlights on Glastonbury, LoveBox and Output New York.

For bookings contact Pete: pete(at)


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