New Tunnelvisions Album, The Celestial Ritual

The long awaited 2nd album of Tunnelvisions is out today on Atomnation! The album is chopped up into four 12-inch records – Ritual I, II, III, and IV. The album’s theme tells of a story told long ago, in a land far away, where there lived 11 chiefs, each named after a corresponding constellation: Mbosa, Nalulu, Ottokar, Imaja, Khan, Kudja, Rafaka, Xoji, Oishi, Mosu and Umai. Each year as the trees lost their leaves and the days got shorter, the chiefs came together to perform a sacred ritual. In this ritual, they honored the gods with their gifts and celebrated the new year to come.

Mbosa brought his light, which the gods used to illuminate the next year.

Nalulu gave his sand, which was used as the foundation for the next year.

Mosu gave his grain, which was used to fertilize the land.

Ottokar gave the skies, in which the gods could shine ever so brightly.

Imaja used her drum so people could dance in perfect harmony.

Khan repeated his hypnotizing mantra to elevate the minds of the chiefs.

Xoji wore her mask, which was said to have magic powers needed for the ritual.

Umai performed the forgotten dance that has been passed on only in her bloodline.

Oishi drew her sword which Kudja used to sacrifice 5 drops of his holy blood.

As a final gift, Rafaka played his sacred song to give life to the upcoming year.

The album is available on vinyl and digital on the Atomnation Bandcamp page and can also be purchased digitally on Beatport!



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