Nuno dos Santos readies Trigonometry of Love EP

After eleven strong releases on the label, head honcho Nuno dos Santos returns to his own Something Happening Somewhere imprint with a stunning four-track EP, titled ‘Trigonometry of Love’. It’s a very personal story, fusing Nuno’s experience of life in all facets with his intuition for stomping beats, quirky percussion and lush atmospheres. What’s even more, his very own dad has created the artwork making it an even more personal affair.

“Life often consists of finding a balance between the sweet, sour and bitter. Sometimes it can feel like walking a tightrope and at other times it’s a joyful experience of serendipity. Bending away from a course or position of alignment, the distance between yourself and the people close to you constantly shifts. If one of the distances changes, the others do so automatically. It requires a true maverick to fully experience, a brave soul that is willing to sacrifice and trade in the morality play for the entire chromatic spectrum. Do you think you will enter the garden of bliss without such trials as come to those who passed before you?”

Below are the previews of his forthcoming EP, which is out on vinyl the 24th of March. Digital will follow shortly.

Read a recent interview with Nuno dos Santos on Deep House Amsterdam, in which he talks in depth about his label and is accompanied by an addition to their  podcast series.

Nuno dos Santos also curates his SOMEWHERE playlist on Spotify which contains music as far ranging as John Maus to Model500. Check it out below and be sure to follow, he regularly updates the playlist!


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