Nuno Dos Santos remixes Eefje De Visser, MFR Podcast

Nuno dos Santos has just done an amazing remix with Quince for the Dutch queen of singer songwriters: Eefje De Visser. “I remember hearing Eefje de Visser for the first time at the Central Museum in Utrecht in 2011. There were a couple of singer-song writers and she was the only one singing in Dutch. Her whole performance, lyrics, her voice it literally blew me away. So mesmerising, alluring and hypnotic… I tested the remix a couple of times when playing gigs abroad and the reactions to it were really positive, although people don’t understand the lyrics but really feel her voice.”

The remix for Eefje is part of the just released SOMEWHERE III compilation on Something Happening Somewhere, their annual compilation featuring fresh material by the likes of Kiani & His Legion, Aril Brikha, Love Over Entropy ft. Ripperton, Sigward, Kaap, Quince, Kurt Baggaley, Equus, Tracey, Mulder and Single Point Edge. Both the remix and compilation is out now on all platforms!

After releasing their China Queen EP on My Favorite Robot together with Falco Benz, A two track tour de force pairing warped deep melodic music with a real sense of narrative, Nuno also made an addition to their running MFR podcast series. The result is a blissful hour of music, which can be heard below:

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