Olaf Stuut presents new Atomnation EP, Podcast + BBC Radio Mix

Olaf Stuut returned to Atomnation with a stunning new EP, titled ‘ET’. This four-tracker is the follow up of the closing track ‘Extended Travels’, one of the highlights of his album ‘Run’ released in 2016. you can find reviews and premiers on Deep House Amsterdam and Thump

The prolific Amsterdam based producer manages to combine the more abstract sides of electronic music with a well-tuned club orientated character. ‘ET’ houses solid beats on ‘Evolve Tutor’ and ‘Era Terminal’, astonishing piano play on ‘Extended Travels (ExcursionTwo)’ and a more minimalistic approach on ‘Error Texture’.

“Since Run came out I wanted to focus a little bit more on club tracks because of all the beautiful gigs I’ve had since the release, searching for more joy and fun to accompany the events I play. Every track has more of a story on it’s own instead of an overriding arch covering a whole LP. I started this EP with a follow up on the closing track of my album, Extended Travels, which is almost unrecognisable a part from the melodies. All tracks are based on jams I did during the tour.”

Read a full interview with Olaf on Atomnation.net accompanied by an effort in their new podcast series.

He also performed a live jam on BBC Radio.


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