Olivier Weiter’s Takkie EP

The TAKKIE is coming! After a busy fall season for Olivier Weiter from ADE festivities and the new creation of “Before.Now.After,” including a collaboration with inspiring artists Arjuna Schiks, Miss Melera and Eelke Kleijn, Weiter is soon to release a brillaint EP. The Takkie EP will be available November 26th and brings us a trippy series of experimental synths and deep qualities will pull you back into your summer dancing vibes!

Read the gritty details of the Takkie Ep from Weiter himself in this Q&A:

Give a little break down of Takkie, the tracks included and the style.
The title track Takkie is a really dark techno groove, with the focus on the rhythm of the Toms. Together with a really freaked out arpeggiator and the use of tweaked vocals in the back it creates a really trippy story, which last for 9 minutes long, it takes you into an Alice in Wonderland trip. The Einmusik remix makes the track more funky, with a really nice baseline and a more groovy touch to it. It’s more clean and friendlier than the original. Tell him, the last track, is more melodic, the lead melody combined with the vocals made it a more laid back track, to show the bright side of the EP. Takkie is more dark, Tell him is more bright. 

How is the sound different than the sound and feelings created / inspired from your From Within Podcast?
It’s the perfect blend of the music I like to play in my sets. Takkie is dark, trippy, groovy, but it also has a melodic touch, a style I’ve been supporting throughout my whole career. From Within is sometimes more dark, sometimes more melodic and laid back. This EP is the perfect example of what comes from within.

Tell us about working with Einmusika Recordings during the production
Einmusika recordings is a very professional team, since one month I’m also part of the Ledger Line agency, which is related to Einmusika. Ledger Line is taking care of my bookings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Because I knew Samuel already the workflow went really well and the release was set up within two months.

Tell us about the remix/collaboration with Einmusik. Why this track?
Einmusika asked me to produce a track for their compilation. When I sent him Takkie, he was like “WOW, we need to release this as a stand alone EP”  But the EP needed another track to compare the wildness of Takkie, so I went in the studio and made “Tell Him” which became the second track. Einmusika wanted to remix the Takkie track, and he did a great job with the remix!

FUTURE! Any new sounds coming out for the future following Takkie that are already in the works?
Yes for sure! There will be a release on Click recordings, a Split EP with Michel de Hey. As we speak I’m working on a remix from Tim Engelhardt, which will be released on Parquet Recordings. And in the beginning of 2015 my official remix from “Three Drives – Greece 2000” will be released on ARMADA deep. 


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