Patrice Bäumel readies new string of remixes

Patrice Bäumel proves to be on fire lately! Having had a very successful Australian tour in January with performances on Rainbow Serpent Festival among others, there seems to be no stop to the string of releases and remixes that have been putting dance floors in flames for the last few months. An example of this is his recent remix for agency colleague Cubicolor

His emotional slowburning rework of Khen’s Land of Goshen has been released a couple of days on Guy J’s Lost & Found label. In Patrice’s own words: “I consider Khen one of the most promising new artists in electronic dance music and was blown away by his album. The beauty of “Land of Goshen” lies in his melodic arrangement. I wanted the remix to respect the original and just gave it the club treatment it needed to beam people into outer space.”

Forthcoming is the release of his remix for electronic sound wizard Max Cooper on the 30th of march and his trippy rework of Masaya’s Borderline which got premiered by Mixmag and will be released on Chapter 24 recordings on the 7th of April. Take a listen below!

This is not yet all, as April will also see the release of his remix for his all-time favourite band Depeche Mode! Neither will it stop there, as the next few months will see him putting out new music and releases almost every month. It seems Patrice is more productive than ever before and this is shown in the list of upcoming gigs all over the world.

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