Satori announces Maktub World Tour

With summer almost ending Satori’s Maktub residency at Heart Ibiza is nearing it’s season finale. After hosting artists like Matthew Dear, Acid Pauli, Be Svendsen and Söra, Maktub will be returning to the island for three more dates on Sep 12, 19 and a big closing on the 26th. Luckily Satori has more Maktub in store for us and he has just announced the first dates for his Maktub World Tour.

The first dates announced already include shows in New York, Mexico City, London, Istanbul, Paris and Dubai, and will see Satori performing an extended live-set combined with a cinematic experience, drawing you further into his music than ever before.

Check out the current tour listing below, and keep an eye out for more dates to be announced:


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