Some Chemistry in optima forma getting ready for his all nighter.

At the most beloved Georgies Wundergarten, last weekend an amazing diverse collection of dj’s, live artists, bands and other performers gathered to entertain the crowd. With their secret and unannounced program, there were surprises on every stage and corner during this two day festival. One of the main guys behind the musical vision of it all is Some Chemistry, who showed himself twice behind the decks. But not on his own as he performed B2B with two of his closest musical friends, Satori and Applescal. ‘Some Apples’ for the occasion, closed of the Saturday at the main stage, of which the following footage was taken:

Some Chemistry keeps on developing his selector and performance skills, as proven on Soenda Festival. The recording can now be found online and is an eclectic treat.

For his friends in New York he recently made a podcast for home listeners in which he explores his musical boundaries even more. Get to know him better through this one.

His summer schedule has some of the bigger Amsterdam festivals, as he made his way to Buiten Westen, performing in between Gerd Janson and Roman Flügel and continuing at the after party in de Marktkantine with Gerd Janson. Slowly working his way to his solo event, an all nighter at one of the oldest clubs in Amsterdam, the Sugar Factory. Join him on the 29th and watch him in full swing, absorbing you into his musical spectrum and swaying you with his chemistry.

Some Chemistry ALL NIGHT LONG

Here’s another radio set he played at the Lot Radio in New York.

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