The year 2014 might be a game-changing year for TRIPEO and his puppet master Darko Esser. After releasing a great string of scientific approved techno records
on his own imprint in 2013, which were played and loved by the established who-is-who of modern day deep techno, he closed down the year with a magnificent live-show at Timewarp NL. All quite nice, isn’t it? But this coming year might be even more exceptional. First beacon of things to come was his live-show at Berghain, always a nice confirmation of appreciation by those who take their techno serious. Second all; his agenda is filling up nicely with international shows. But we saved the best for last.

TRIPEO has announced he will release his debut album coming April. Although previews could be heard (and cut and sold for parts illegally on sendspace) in his Timewarp Live-recording, not much is known on the album. Only thing we known is Darko admitted it would be an adventure into the flexibility of his TRIPEO moniker.

So we should have to wait to march when the first snippets will surface. A nice fact on the album is that TRIPEO agreed with various video makers to make abstract music video for several tracks. In an age were a big part of our music composition is strangely trough the video site of Youtube, it is nice to look at something were an artist had its saying in.

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