Trippin Jaguar releases new trips on Amselcom

[Amselcom] is a Berlin based record label and global creative network. Their appreciation of art and the desire to share it, is built on by connecting forward-thinking ideas and continuously pushing boundaries with their output.

On the 26 of May, Trippin Jaguar released his first full EP on Amselcom: Arecibo

“Arecibo is a place that represents something fascinating to me. Located on Puerto Rico, it is the home of an enormous radio telescope in the middle of the jungle. The telescope studies celestial bodies and the radiation they emit. The Jaguar explores these kind of dualities in music; biological and technological, spiritual and scientific, modern and ancient, celestial and earthly.”

Trndmusik premiered the second track Duat, on which you can read more about on [their website], have a listen below:

Previews of the full EP are available on [soundcloud]
Support: Acid Pauli, Auntie Flo, Âme, Horatio, Horsemeat Disco and more
Release date: 26.5.2017

On their 22nd release we already found Trippin Jaguar’s beautiful rendition of Hanna Adam’s track “Trust Hope”. His signature organic flow and endless details are true and present in this ear-bending and beautiful remix. Bespoke Musik from New York have premiered the remix and the Jaguar will soon make it’s way across the atlantic ocean.

Support: Adrian Hour, Bill Brewster, Horsemeat Disco, Jonathan Rathsman, Maya Jane Coles, Siopis
Release date: 14.4.2017 on Amselcom

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