Olivier Weiter’s musical talents bring a unique vibe to each venue he attends, as the ‘Weiter-sound’ is unlike any DJs is his realm of style. It is obscure and cryptic, yet full of clever transitions and anticipation. He undoubtedly lures in his crowd through his rockstar appearance. Due to Olivier Weiter’s musical success he has been invited to host the WEITER stage on the 7th of June at Amsterdam Open Air.

The WEITER stage is a defining moment in Weiter’s DJ career, as it shows his worth to the techno and house music fans. Weiter has unleashed a daring DJ to grip, from his style, sound, and rapidly evolving followers. “In a way it is some kind of reward, we’ve been doing this now for two years in clubs and with our festival debut at Mysteryland last year. Now we’re hosting a big stage on Amsterdam Open Air with a lot of great international artists. This is a good way to connect with each other on a sunny festival day.”

As the host of the WEITER stage, Weiter carefully selected various artists to join him. Present are the French Agoria, Life & Death’s Mind Against & Dj Tennis, Miss Melera, Eelke Kleijn and Rene Engel. Weiter explains his selection, “I invited a combination of good friends and artists who fit very well musically. I think it’s always nice to have some friends playing at your stage- it’s good for the vibe. Rene Engel did a perfect warm-up set for me last year in Paradiso, and he is a very nice and thankful person. I also have two other friends of mine, Miss Melera & Eelke Kleijn joining the stage, who’s styles fit perfectly in the whole idea of WEITER musically. Since I’ve been DJ-ing I always was a big fan of Agoria, so I’m really happy he is joining us at the festival. Mind Against is one of my favorite producers at the moment; I really like their sound. And their label boss DJ Tennis is going to perform at the WEITER stage too. I think he is a real wizard, when I listen to his sets I always get surprised by his choice of records, sometimes experimental, but always a warm / melodic twist. I’m really happy to have this family on board!”

Weiter has been working hard in creating the best vibe that his stage can offer to stir up the crowd into a danceable and fun-filled day in the sun. And have no fear of a shy performer, as Weiter assures that he feeds from the crowd’s energy! “I always felt comfortable behind the decks since I started to DJ. But the more people in front of me dancing, the more comfortable I get. I definitely get a lot of energy from the crowd, if you reflect this energy back to the crowd you get this unique vibe, this is where the party starts! It’s all about sending the good vibes to each other, you can’t act this.”

The WEITER stage will be rolling back-to-back artists the whole day, but definitely come and see Olivier the man himself play live on the Weiter Stage from 21.30-23.00.

To get a better idea of the WEITER sound from his events, check out his new, soon to be released monthly podcast series, “From Within.”



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