Welcome to the family: Cubicolor

We’re happy to announce a new addition to our artist roster: Cubicolor!

Breakthrough electronic act Cubicolor and their deep, warm and organic sounds can count a diverse range of supporters thus far. Pete Tong, who has been their ultimate champion, named them as ‘One To Watch for 2015’ in his Reddit AMA interview.

2014 was the year Cubicolor released their first ‘Next Planet’ EP at Anjunadeep, followed up by two more EPs at the same label, like the epic ‘Down the Wall‘. By the end of 2015 Cubicolor remixed Howling – Ex Machina, which got released by Monkeytown/Counter Records. Ahead of their debut album in early 2016, Cubicolor is about to release their single ‘Falling’ on Edu Imbernon’s breakthrough label Fayer.

More info & bookings: pete@wearee.nl


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