Welcoming 8 new artists!

We Are E starts 2016 with a Bang! We eagerly would like to share great news with you, as we added 8 new artists to our roster.

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Flo, Flore, or most commonly Florinsz, depending on the origin of the lore, produces and plays neurologically altered house music that urges not only the brain but every vein in a body to open up, to let the intensity of soul and melody with playful euphoria or vigorous melancholy remove the clots from the blood and cleanse the clouded conscience.

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Francesco Robustelli stands for minimal infused, grooving house with a touch of deep techno. As a live-act and DJ he has been providing sophisticated beats for clubs and festivals all over Europe.

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is electronic music endeavours started around the time he moved to Amsterdam at age 18, and was overwhelmed by the electronic dance scene. Since then he developed his personal taste, acquired the right production skills and started refining his music into his own characteristic sound as we know it these days: warm symphonies driven by deep energetic rhythms inspired by classical music.

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Mees Dierdorp has been creating waves beyond boundaries from the moment he first started composing music – and his broad love of the artistic side of the spectrum shines through on his productions. Experimenting with poetry, soul, improvisational acoustics and modern dance sounds, his is a style that’s hard to grasp, although subtle swings and soulful warmth are always encapsulated.

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Olaf Stuut is the auditory craftsman producing unclassifiable music, taking you on compelling journeys and tonal adventures. Connecting to many influences, his music reflects his fascination and admiration for instruments of all sorts and kinds. He loves telling stories with challenging harmonies, contemporary percussions and deep emotional vibes.

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Remy Unger (DJ Remy) has been one of the driving forces behind the electronic music scene in the Netherlands. With bookings on all continents under his belt, Remy left his mark on the worldwide scene. His adventures started around 1990, when he found himself behind the decks at the legendary Roxy. Since then, there was no stopping.

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Some Chemistry is a new age nomad and music is his first home. At a young age he encountered the mystical sounds of Africa and the magical melodies of South America, because he was born into a globetrotting family that found music to be the closest thing to religion. The musical blend of sound that Some Chemistry encountered at a young age is defining for his avant-garde and diverse taste in music.

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Cats have their own taste of medicines. But like catnip, some plants induce other effects. Could something deeper be happening? Trippin Jaguar is one of Francesco Robustelli’s artistic projects. This multi talented and immer productive beast has only just found his natural groove and is bound to surprise us even more.

More info about Trippin Jaguar

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